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The Top 8 Mobile Marketer’s Challenges & Opportunities

With Smartphones and Tablets installed bases going through the roof, with new mobile user behaviors spreading and with large industry disruptions happening around the world, Mobile Marketers are taking up some of the most challenging tasks in their day-to-day Marketing missions.

But Mobile is also creating amazing opportunities for Marketers like driving marketing efficacy and impact, innovating with customer engagement and intimacy or even building new business models…

It takes a new kind of Marketer to face the Mobile revolution and here is what we think it takes to win…

  1. Mobile is king

    • Mobile is often used as just another word for Smartphone. And from that regard, Mobile is already huge. Consider this: the number of Smartphones in use on earth just passed the PC installed base in 2014 (over 1.5 billion each)! But Mobile in general is even bigger if you include tablets (another 250 million), “wearables”, Internet of Things (like connected cars, appliances and other objects)… Business Intelligence actually predicts the “Internet of Everything” will reach a staggering 18 billion devices by 2018!
    • Mobile Marketer’s Key Takeaway… We have passed the point where a mobile strategy is a “must”. The question now is: shouldn’t you have a mobile-firststrategy? Only 13% of marketers agree or strongly agree that they are working in a “mobile-first” organization (Econsultancy2014) But where are your customers today? With well over 50% of people aged 13+ now using Smartphones in developed countries, it is high time to take advantage of their unique characteristics(personal, always-on, real-time, geo-located…) to deliver real value-added services. 11% 19% 15% 19% 20% 11% 18% 16% 33% 32% 2% 3% Mobile advertising andpromotion Mobile developmentand maintenance Increase of 50%+ Increase of 26% to 49% Increase of 10 to 25% Increase of 1% to 9% Stable Decrease in spending Source Harris- Azetone 2014 Fast-growingMobile Budgets: 2014 vs 2013
  2. Mobile Apps have won vs. Mobile Web

    • Whether with consumers or with enterprises, apps are on a roll! They are faster, more customizable and easier to use. And the race is on between Apple and Google. Both Google and Apple now count well over 75 billion downloads and Apple paid out so far over $15 billion in revenues to App developers! “Smartphone users spend 87% of their time using mobile apps. iPad users spend 76% of their time using mobile apps” -Nielsen
    • Mobile Marketer’s Key Takeaway… “A great digital & mobile experience is no longer a nice-to-have…” Forrester -Top Technology Trends for 2014 and Beyond, 72%of enterprises own at least 1 mobile website and 1 mobile app. 28% have even developed 5 apps or more ! But… 28% still do not even have 1 mobile app (or mobile site). Source: Harris-Azetone 2014 Mobile Apps are emerging as the second highest priorityacross all digital investments and the highest among mobile investments Harris-Azetone 2014 Source Econsultancy2014 Digital Investment Priorities Mobile Investment Priorities
  3. Mobile, the second largest media after TV

    • Across every developed country, mobile is emerging as the new “mass media”. We are spending on average over 2 hours per day on mobile (smartphones but also tablets…) Customers have also developed the expectation that they can get access to any information anywhere, anytime and without any delay. “Real Time” has now become the new frontier of Mobile!
    • Mobile Marketer’s Key Takeaway… Mobile is moving to the center of Sales & Marketing strategies In 2014, Sales (Coupons, Mobile-to-Store) and Marketing-related (Advertising, CRM) activities are the ones posting the strongest year- on-year percentage gains for a reason (see chart ): They are demonstrating the rise of Mobile as a core component of brands customer acquisition and loyalty strategies Mobile is increasingly disruptingnot only digital pure-players but traditional businesses as well. Mobile Marketing Tactics: 2014 vs 2013 Source Harris- Azetone 2014 When Starbucks mobile app generates 15% of Starbucks US revenue and 6M payments per week, what does it say about yourbusiness?
  4. Reinventing the Mobile User Experience

    • For a moment, we thought we would get by… we thought HTML 5 would trump the need to go native for each mobile development, we thought responsive design would be a cure-for-all… But users are more demanding every day! They are relentlessly looking for the “cool factor” in mobile apps and chasing trendy new designs and features.
    • Mobile Marketer’s Key Takeaway… The key question for creating a successful mobile user experience What is absolutely necessaryAND absolutely relevant to your users? With mobile, sessions are 5 to 10 times shorter than on PC and screen sizes 3 to 10 times smaller… No wonder that old desktop recipes don’t work. Understanding how users view and use mobile is key to delivering a successful mobile-centric user experience. However, acting on insights is what will set apart leaders and followers Source Harris- Azetone 2014
  5. Mobile as a “Key Innovation Factor”

    • Mobile technologies are so much changing the way companies can connect and converse with their customers that they are less and less considered as mere support tools but more and more as corporate innovation drivers and competitive differentiators. But as a result, they are creating new sets of challenges on already strained IT systems, marketing staff and Business Decision Makers as a whole…
    • Mobile Marketer’s Key Takeaway… Mobile will deliver the next wave of competitive advantages Starbucks or Amazon in the US, Burberry or Marks & Spencer in the UK, Voyages-SNCF or McDonald’s in France… have shown that it is possible to shake up an entire industry by providing differentiated and winning mobile user experiences. Whether in taxi, housing, clothing, banking etc… Mobile is and will continue disrupting market leaders in virtually every industry. The question is should you choose to settle for “me-too” mobile strategy and run the risk of being “disrupted” or should you aim at being the one standing out… Source Harris-Azetone 2014 Mobile Marketer’s
  6. Context and customers matter

    • Many enterprises and agencies have now several years of experience under their belts with building mobile apps. However mobile efficacy remains elusive as the vast majority of apps are struggling with retention, engagement and conversion. Why? Because above all not all users are have the same needs and interests, and most don’t find their mobile experience relevant enough…
    • Mobile Marketer’s Key Takeaway… “Mobile Experiences can and should be customized based on relevant customer information and behavior”
    • The future lies in highly relevant experiences Yankee Group -2014 predictions 93% of marketers are looking at using data and adapting user experiences in order to increase retention and engagement. Go beyond the “one-size-fits-all” approach. With current tracking and analytics technologies, we have more customer data than we ever had. It is time to use it to deliver optimal user experience! For instance, a retailer mobile app should operate differently if the customer is currently in-store, next to the store or shopping from home, or for an occasional or frequent client Source Harris-Azetone 2014
  7. Mobile & Commerce

    • According to IDC, by 2017, 87% of connected devices sales will be tablets and smartphones, so there is no doubt that Mobile is going to play a dominant role in e-Commerce (m-Commerce). At the same time Gartner predicts that by 2018 less than 1% of consumer mobile apps will be considered a financial successby their developers
    • Mobile Marketer’s Key Takeaway… ROI is clearly today issue #1 among Mobile Marketers However, only 24%of Marketers are comfortable with how they measure Mobile Marketing ROI… (Econsultancy2014) Understanding how to increase monetization and conversion rates is the key to improve ROI and Mobile Marketing efficacy. We need to constantly look for optimizing ROI with solutions like native mobile A/B testing and Analytics in order to deliver on top Mobile Marketing objectives Source Harris- Azetone 2014 Mobile Marketers’ Objectives
  8. Standing out in the middle of the Mobile Jungle

    • There are over 1.2 million apps available in both Apple and Google App Stores and yet no more than 26 are being used every month on average on any given mobile device (Nielsen 2014). This of course raises the question of standing out in the crowd and getting our apps downloaded but most importantly how to get users to use them frequently. This probably means offering each user the best mobile experience
    • Mobile Marketer’s Key Takeaway… Just having a mobile app doesn’t guarantee a run-away success… But rather than relying on guesses and intuitions, you can now base your decisions on real facts.Deploy field-tested app variations on-the-fly with no additional development, delay or app store resubmission. Just like Facebook, Twitter or Amazon, you can succeed in mobile by developing your own Mobile A/B Testing solution oryou could simply buy the fastest and most robust solution available: Arise by Azetone… Source Harris-Azetone 2014

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