Our Partners

Azetone has developed many strategic, technology and service partnerships to provide the best end-to-end solutions for our customers and the best integration with existing technologies and IT systems

Azetone Strategic Partners

Azetone has entered into a strategic partnership with Kameleoon, the most advanced web optimization platform, to deliver end-to-end Mobile App, Mobile Web and Desktop Web UX Analytics, A/B Testing and Personalization. Your mobile App has the potential to become the most effective pillar in your conversion and personalization strategy.  With our unique partnership and our common roadmap with Kameleoon, we are set to deliver on the promise of a 360° optimized and customized customer journey, by providing the following:

  • Best-of-breed web and mobile solutions with no compromises
  • Comparative Heatmaps and A/B Tests
  • Integrated reporting across web and mobile
  • End-to-end personalized customer journeys

For more info on this agreement and its benefits, schedule a 30-min discussion with us!


Azetone’s architecture is built on top of Microsoft Azure Cloud Service. It provides highly scalable, geographically distributed, trusted service on which Azetone can deliver:

  • the most robust data-intensive Mobile UX Analytics,
  • the most reliable Mobile A/B Testing,
  • and the most Data Privacy and Security-centric Mobile Personalization Platform

Azetone is also part of Microsoft’s selective BizSpark Plus program


Azetone and HP Enterprise share a similar vision of what it takes to make better Mobile Apps. We have even contributed to the authoritative HP Mobile Analytics Playbook which you can find here!

Bottom line, with clear KPIs, better tools like AppPulse and Azetone and solid processes, you will deliver the best User Experience in your Mobile Apps with increased retention, higher engagement and better conversions

Azetone is also a proud member of HPE Startup Program

Azetone Technology Partners


Azetone is tightly integrated with Azure Mobile Engagement (AzME, formerly know as Capptain). Azetone and AzME provide a unique way to personalize an end-to-end Mobile Customer Journey, from Push Notifications to in-App messages and App Experiences. With Azetone you can

  • Create Heatmaps, UX Analytics or A/B tests based on AzME segments
  • Create advanced Push Notification A/B Tests
  • Create dynamically personalized Apps and advanced predictive marketing scenarii

Azetone and AzME share a common roadmap which you can obtain by simply submitting a request here!

Azetone Service Partners


Azetone and Tapptic are tightly cooperating to provide end-to-end services based on Azetone’s platform. This includes:

  • Analyzing Azetone’s UX reports and providing digest and recommendations as well as artwork to improve customer’s Mobile Apps
  • Running A/B test campaigns, results and optimizations
  • Building dynamically personalized Mobile Apps

More info on www.tapptic.com

Imagine-App is a dynamic and flexible digital company. We decided to create a partnership with Azetone to provide the best solutions to our clients and support them on the whole value chain. We are mainly focused on two axes:

  • Conception and development of innovative, successful custom-made in France mobile applications
  • Strategic and operational marketing support inherent to our client’s projects from the genesis until the product/service launch

Be curious, come and discover us on www.imagine-app.fr !

PocketProd has been an early adopter of Heatmaps and UX analytics as well as A/B testing for Mobile Apps and is one of the most knowledgeable partners on Azetone’s platform. With Pocket Prod you will find a partner that:

  • Masters Design and UX Design
  • Runs A/B tests campaigns, analyzes result, and optimizes native apps
  • Runs end-to-end Mobile Strategies
  • Knows how to build the best Apps with over 100 apps under their belt

More info on www.pocketprod.com

Azetone Mobile UX Analytics, A/B Testing and Personalization

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