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Personalized In-App Experience

Increase Customer Satisfaction and App Engagement and Conversion by delivering the right App to the right user at the right time

Turn your App into a highly relevant Mobile User Experience

Azetone Mobile Personalization

With In-App Personalization of pages, features and functionalities, deliver the best App for each of your users

Build true 1-1 customer relationships with personalized Apps

Become A Mobile App Leader

If your App could be dynamic, user-centric and context-aware, what kind of unique experiences would you be able to deliver to your customers?

Mobile Personalization In Action

Deliver Highly Relevant Mobile App User Experience To Your Customers Today!
Mobile Personalization

Dynamic Feature Activation

Activate the right features in your App based on who is your user and where he/she uses your App

Multiple Apps In One

Instead of maintaining several Apps, create one single App that morphs to fit your user needs

Personalized Customer Journey

Create a personalized in-App experience aligned to the personalization you deploy in your preferred push notification platform

360° view of your customer

With our CRM integration, gain a full multi-channel personalized view of your customers

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Mobile Personalization: Your Opportunity for Disruption

Mobile Apps are a marketer’s dream come true when it comes to understanding and engaging with your customers!

But if you want your App to stand out from the crowd and become a true competitive advantage, now is the perfect time to harness the power of in-App personalization and wow your customers with an App that fits perfectly with their needs and interests everytime, everywhere.

Now in order to deliver the perfect Mobile User Experience to each your users, you need to be equipped with the most advanced Mobile Personalization foundation: Azetone’s platform!


Azetone Can Make Personalization A Reality For You Today!

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Yvan Delegue, Director of Mobile Apps @Orange

What our customers say

What does App Personalization mean?

It means creating and publishing an App that will automatically adapt (or morph) based on context, localization or user profiles. Apps are too often dismissed by users because they are a simple and static hard-coded copy of a website.

But by taking a Mobile-App first approach, you can tap into the user and context data collected by your App and create a truly relevant and highly efficient Mobile User Experience.

What can you personalize?

Mobile Personalization will allow you to present dynamically to each of your users the right App features, content and layout based on their interests, their location, the time of the day or even what they have been doing previously.

Personalization can be synchronized with your push notification solution so that personalized messages can lead to personalized in-app experiences and your CRM segmentation can lead to personalized customer journeys, all the way into your App.

Why is it important?

Your customers are becoming more and more demanding about getting the most appropriate service at the right time and at the right place. And by sharing their data with you, they expect you to deliver the most relevant experience, while adhering to the highest data privacy standards.

So if you want to boost your Retention, Engagement and Conversion scores, App Personalization is what you have been waiting for to delight your customers and increase your revenues!

Mobile Personalization: Imagine the future...

Evolve your existing Apps or imagine what you could build and what services you could offer to your customers if you knew your App could be dynamic, user-aware, location-based, context-sensitive....