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More than just A/B Testing, an integrated platform with
UX Analytics and Heatmaps, A/B Testing and in-App Personalization

Unmatched Agility, Engagement & Conversions for your Apps

Make Test & Learn your Motto

Don't settle for static Apps with long update cycles and poor usability insights!
Deliver dynamic, customer-centric, self-learning, ROI-driven Apps

Control every aspect of your Mobile Apps in real time!

Mobile A/B Testing

Next-Gen Mobile A/B Testing

What makes Azetone so unique? Because it is built from the ground-up for Mobile Apps, we chose the best architecture possible, we build on the latest mobile technologies for best performance and reliability and we tightly integrate with your key third party mobile and CRM solutions.

The result? A world-class Mobile A/B Testing solution that:

  • Leverages our integrated UX Analytics, delivering unique insights on how user interact with your App and pointing at where to setup your A/B tests
  • Offers marketers the easiest solution to make visual changes in your App in real time with no code tinkering and no App Store re-submission
  • Gives advanced users and developers the ability to go deep into the App and activate or deactivate code blocks or entire features of an App.
  • Delivers the best conversion improvements by leveraging existing customer segments from your CRM or Push Notification platforms
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Azetone Mobile A/B Testing

The most advanced A/B Testing solution for iOS and Android

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