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Discover the results of Harris-Azetone's survey on the Stakes of Mobile Marketing

Challenges and Opportunities of Mobile Marketing

phone1In this exclusive survey among key mobile marketers, we share ground-breaking insights including:

  • What are today’s top mobile priorities for enterprises?
  • What are their major Mobile challenges and how do they tackle them?
  • What are the major initiatives and big bets with regards to Mobile Apps?

[Special Startup and Mobile Newcomers]

Building your Mobile App: budget, planning and best practices!

People are spending more and more time on their smartphone and so are your customers! Building an app can be a good idea to keep in touch with them but it’s a fully-fledge process. A multitude of features, designs, ergonomics, technologies and prices are possible… So where should you start?

During this 45-min on-demand workshop, we give you actionable advice on:

– Get your objectives right
– Build your Mobile App brief
– The right Budget for the right development
– The 4 phases of your development cycle
– Overview of mobile development technologies you can use

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