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Our customers say it best: 'Azetone brings us unmatched Agility, Efficacy and Customer Intimacy' - Y Delegue, Orange

Yvan Delegue (director of Mobile Apps @Orange) on Azetone solutions

Orange and Azetone

Orange has been one of the first major players to embrace Azetone as a building block of their Mobile App Strategy. According to Yvan Delegue, Azetone is very complementary to Orange’s existing Analytics solutions, it directly integrates with Orange’s Push Notification solution of choice (Azure Mobile Engagement, formerly known as Capptain) and it uniquely helps understand, optimize UI as well as create new personalized Mobile User Experiences.

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BazarChic and Azetone

BazarChic is one of Europe’s leading e-retailers and one of the first Mobile-first players. Julien Henri Maurice explains how Azetone is helping him reach over 50% of his sales through Mobile. Azetone is helping him become more agile, better understand User Experience, know where and how to improve mobile user experience and most importantly increase sales!

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Julien-Henri Maurice (CMO @BazarChic) on Azetone solutions

Visual A/B testing makes it super-easy to change SoLocal's App on-the-fly!

AVendreALouer and Azetone

AVendreALouer has been using Azetone since early 2015 within AVendreALouer, a real-estate mobile marketplace. Nicolas Oisel has been very early on leveraging the A/B Testing capabilities of Azetone’s platform to deliver an increase of +36% in conversion rates in his App. He is now turning to Heatmaps and UX Analytics to improve UX, especially on his Tablet Apps and starts working on personalizing the User Experience within his App

Personalized Apps are about to transform the way Apps have been designed so far…
Here is Orange’s take on how App interactions are becoming increasingly customized and how Azetone will make this dream a reality for App Developers and Mobile Users… Click here to read on the article

What Mobile Leaders Say About Azetone