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What if you could know everything about your Mobile User Experience…

Developing a highly regarded Mobile App is already a very complicated exercise. But turning it into a best-in-class User Experience is the ultimate challenge!

Delivering an outstanding Mobile User Experience is arguably the #1 Key Success Factor to achieve best retention, engagement and conversion rates with your App. But this is much easier said than done!

There are several ways you can go about it:

  • You can of course do brainstorming with your own teams and come up with new ideas and great “gut feelings”(but let’s admit it, some bad ones as well…).
  • You can certainly test an App with a few beta testers or focus groups and you will learn lots of things you may have miscalculated in your design plans.
  • You can also resort to mobile experts who will have tons of great suggestions and best practices you can implement in your App UX (a.k.a. User eXperience).

But all of these options miss one big, critical point. They don’t give you the most important perspective of all: The real-life experience of your everyday customers and users! Those customers who struggle to figure out how to get things done with your App, those who scroll endlessly to find a key info, those who try to interact with parts of your pages that are just static or those who just wonder where to go from there…

Worst of all, you may not even realize these UX flaws! They will not necessarily surface in bad App ratings (hey, your App doesn’t crash after all!) or result in angry customer feedbacks (who would really bother writing up something about this!). They will just translate into limited app usage, high user drop-off rates and disappointing App monetization. So what happened then to your ambitious goals on Retention, Engagement and Conversion? Well, it is high time to put things back on track if you want to ensure a bright future for your App!

First thing first, you need to make the most of your Mobile Analytics solution. A recent Harris Interactive survey indicates 75% of Mobile Apps integrate at least one Analytics SDK. If you are not using one yet or not satisfied with your current solution, you may want to check out the following alternatives:

  • Google Analytics is one of the most widely used tools. While not mobile-native, it benefits from a solid background on the web and its basic version is free to use.
  • Azure Mobile Engagement (formerly Capptain) is a very strong mobile-first Analytics that provides a fairly unique “user path view” to track step-by-step your Mobile User Experience. It also combines a fully-featured push and communication platform.
  • AppPulse Mobile is one of the most comprehensive Mobile Analytics platforms. It includes state-of-the-art user tracking capabilities plus strong crash and performance Analytics. Its implementation is also very simple as it does not require any tagging.

Analytics solution are a must for any serious marketer and mobile developer but while they analyze how users goes from one screen to the next in the App, they will not track how users interact with the UI of your App or offer ways to directly improve your User Experience. On this front, you may want to check out the following (disclosure: I am the CEO @Azetone)

  • Mobile UX Analytics by Azetone is one of the very best way to understand how your users are actually interacting with your App by reporting on every gesture by device and user profile and recommending actions to improve your UI and UX (see video below)
  • Azetone Mobile A/B Testing is a high performance, easy-to-use and Mobile-native A/B Testing solution. It enables real-time deployment and analysis of native app variants with no coding or resubmission required. A great way to optimize an App or even personalize its UX by user segment.


In summary, Mobile Apps are no longer (for marketers and developers) the “black boxes” they used to be (until very recently). Improvements in Analytics and a new generation of Mobile-centric solutions are bringing a whole new level of agility, efficiency and performance to Mobile Apps.

So take control of your Mobile User Experience and make your Mobile App the very best it can be! Mobile is definitely where your future lies…


Philippe Dumont is CEO at Azetone, a new leader in Mobile Optimization and Personalization. He also sits at the Board of the Mobile Marketing Association in France where he heads the Mobile Apps and Websites Workgroup.

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