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Discover Azetone Mobile A/B Testing, Optimization and Personalization: Built for a mobile-first world, it is THE solution to increase ROI, sales and conversion rates for your mobile apps!

Azetone solutions are integrated into an iOS or Android SDK that gives you all the control, the personalization and the A/B testing capabilities over you App.

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  •  Boost your Mobile App Conversion Rates with Mobile A/B Testing!
  •  6 Major Trends That Are Shaping Mobile in 2015 And Beyond

With Azetone's Mobile Heatmaps, A/B Testing and Personalization solutions, unleash your mobile ROI and conversion rates, offer a highly relevant user experience to your customers and discover how agile Mobile Apps can be!

  • Mobile ROI and Conversion Rates
    Whether you aim for mobile online sales, in-app purchases, lead qualification or mobile advertising, we will help you improve monetization. Period!
  • Mobile relevance
    Personalize not only push notifications but also your menus, your pages and your entire mobile experience
  • Mobile Agility
    Turn your native mobile Apps into true agile components while remaining in full compliance with App Stores' rules

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Get a visual representation of how your users interact with your App
  • Heatmaps by User Profile
  • Heatmaps by Device Type
  • Recommendation Engine
  • 60-second SDK integration
  • 0 impact on performance
A/B Test your native Mobile App pages, structure and notifications in real-time
  • Deploy App variants without Store re-submission
  • Change textes, images, buttons...
  • Modify object sizes and positions
  • Optimize based on your own success criteria
  • A/B test code forks, UI design or Push Notifications
Build a context-aware, profile-aware User Experience into your App
  • Offer a ultra-personalized User Experience
  • Variants by User Profile
  • App changes based on User Context
  • Integrates with your Push, CRM or Analytics solutions
  • Predictive Marketing-Ready

+   How does it work?

Azetone's Suite is built on an open, cloud-based and enterprise-scale foundation that combines internal app data tracking with third-party analytics and CRM solutions. Based on this data, our Mobile Platform includes a Profile Builder which allows you to create your own customer or user segments, leveraging any of the fields included in the datamart.
Once you have defined your segments, you can directly apply the optimal version of your app variants to each of your segment. Our integrated A/B testing technology allows you to test out and optimize any variant in front of a random sample (as other tools do) or a specific segment before deploying it to the appropriate profile(s). This will ensure you will always obtain the best possible Return On Mobile Investment!

+   How do I get started?

First, you can start by signing up for a demo here. If you are already as enthusiastic as we are on the platform, you can apply for a free 30-day trial of our platform. You will have full access to our demo platform and be able to install our SDK into your iOS or Android app. Then just connect your app to your admin account and you’re ready to go!

+   How much does it cost?

Start with our free 30-day trial! We then have pricing plans suited for each business case, starting from 299 € per month for 10,000 MAU (Monthly Average Users). Don't hesitate to reach out to us to know more about our plans by signing up here!

Azetone: The Future of Highly Relevant Mobile Experiences

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